7 Core Exercises (For a Super Easy Way to Get Fit!)

Are you pumped to get fit? Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve fallen off the health wagon, here’s 7 core exercises to choose from for an easy, super efficient way to get fit AND help you (re)establish a routine!

Back in December, Steph blogged about the Easiest Way to Reinstate Your Health Routine. In that post she mentioned how doing just 15-20 minutes of floor exercises (alternating between core and yoga) every day has always helped her; at first, establish a healthy, physical routine, then later by re-establishing one whenever she’s fallen off the health wagon.

With floor exercises, all you need is a mat. Your body weight and gravity is what provides resistance for your muscles. If you’re a couch potato who wants to get fit, you can even do these while you watch TV!

Core exercises are super effective (if you perform them properly and give yourself some variety), so you don’t need to spend a lot of time on them before you’re feeling stronger in every part of your body. As you build lean muscle mass, your metabolism rises so you burn more calories at rest (more good news for couch potatoes!).

Another bonus to starting with core exercises while establishing a more holistic routine is that every movement you make, whether you’re exercising or picking up a box, comes from your core (or they should so you don’t injure yourself). A strong core makes all movements easier to perform AND it also improves posture so your look leaner and more confident!

7 Core Exercises

With all exercises, doing them slowly means you’ll be more effective. This is why many personal trainers will suggest that instead of counting, you do as many repetitions as you can, focusing on the muscular movements and technique, until you’re just starting to feel a burn in the target areas or you start losing proper form.

(If you get a personal trainer, they will count your reps and let you know of your progress later – when you’ll be pleasantly surprised!)

  1. The Plank. This core exercise works the entire body. Trainers suggest beginners work up to a minute. Watch this video by befitandstrong.com to see how to properly perform the Plank.
  2. Push-up. Ah, yes, this one is probably the most dreaded floor exercise of them all, and for good reason! It is one of the most challenging because like the plank but with movement, it works a ton of muscles that we don’t normally use. Learn from PerformanceU how to do a perfect push-up in this video.
  3. Crunches. A safer (for your back) alternative to sit-ups, crunches are well known in the fitness circuit. Here’s how to do them properly in this video by livestrong.
  4. The Superman. A fun floor exercise that allows you to embrace your superhero persona, the Superman works your entire backside. Watch cyclist Steve Yore do a proper superman in this episode of Outside Online.
  5. The Bicycle. There are many ab muscles that don’t get a lot of attention, your obliques (or side abs) are in this category but the Bicycle takes care of them. Here’s Becky Wenner from BeckysFitnessCompany showing us how to do the Bicycle with good form.
  6. Leg Raises. The lower abs need a workout, too, and leg raises will definitely pump up these monsters. Watch this video by livestrong to find out how to avoid hurting yourself and perform them effectively.
  7. The Bridge. If your butt is a bit too saggy for your liking, this core exercise will raise it up to the sky! Here’s a video by modernmom in how to do the Bridge with good form and a few variations to keep it spicy for you.

Steph always chooses 5 core exercises (from these and others) to do in her core exercise routine, and alternates it with a little yoga so she’s doing 15-20 minutes of floor exercises every day. In her core routine, Push-ups and the Plank are consistent but she mixes up the other 3 for each workout to make sure she’s targeting all her abdominal muscles.

What’s YOUR favourite core or floor exercise?  




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