Our Process

A Holisitic approach to fitness

G Force implements a custom tailored training regime on a client to client basis that works. Every individual is different, so why should every training program be the same?

Our custom programs are based on individual likes and needs - including your goals, eating habits, and fitness interests - combined with a strong focus on the mind-body connection to create a truly unique and fun training experience. Our training focuses on four main areas:

G Force Home Training helps you to visualize your workouts and your ideal goals.


Our personal trainers work with you to train your mind by helping you replace your “I can’ts” with “I cans.”

Aerobic exercises are a key part to our holistic fitness approach.


Cardio exercises help warm up the muscles and tendons, increase metabolic rate and ease your body into more challenging exercises.

Incorporating weight training with cardio workouts helps with weight loss and overall fitness.


By increasing muscle mass, we also increase metabolism and lose fat because the body is burning calories even at rest.

All of our in-home training sessions end with a quality stretching segment.


Stretching lengthen muscles and joints, release lactic acid, improves recovery time and reduces pain or tightness.

Our principals are based on the mind and body working together to achieve success. This holistic - or whole body - approach is a proven revolutionary system of training that not only gets optimal results in fitness, but also reflects positive influence on your day-to-day activities and interactions.

Health and well-being shouldn’t focus only on the physical aspect of training, but the mental stimulation and visualization that allows us to reach our goals faster and, more important, ensures that they last.

Whether you’re interested in weight loss, toning, strengthening, or simply feeling more comfortable in your body, we're confident that our specialized fitness programs will not only help you see results, but will become an integral and enjoyable aspect of your daily life.

Try a free fitness consultation with one of our certified personal trainers to see how our service differs from the others.

Our Locations

We Travel To You

You don't need a lot of space to be able to train hard and get a quality workout. We can customize a fitness plan to accommodate any amount of space and use equipement that we bring ourselves, or incorporate machines or outdoor apparatus that are available at the location you wish to workout in.

In addition to training in homes and townhouses, we also service the following buildings:


For many urban professionals in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke and the surrounding areas, living a fast-paced lifestyle makes it difficult to find time to fit in frequent visits to the gym. Hiring a personal trainer who comes to your location is not only more convenient - as your sessions are set up to work best with your schedule - but it also takes the frustration out of driving to a gym and trying to train during peak times.

The communal facilities in many condos are a perfect place for a personal training session. You're already paying for these areas in your monthly maintenance fees, and most of these gyms are often underused and house a lot of equipment that can be incorporated into a customized workout plan.

While the equipment is there for your use, it's often daunting or difficult to figure out a whole-body fitness plan that will get you results. A personal trainer can show you how to safely operate the equipment and provide a personalized plan incorporating these machines to achieve greater results. You can then continue to workout on your own time if you'd like to fit in extra sessions on the side.

If an indoor gym isn't for you, most condos boast ample outdoor space which are great ways to incorporate functional fitness training. Our personal trainers are devoted to designing a personalized workout using the equipment and location that you're comofrtable with in order to achieve results and help you reach your goals.


If you're spending time in Toronto on holidays or for business, we can work with your schedule to offer customized, on-property personal training sessions in your hotel during your stay.

Our mobile personal trainers can design a specialized and rigorous workout in the hotel's gym using the cardio machines, weights, pool and other facilities provided at your accommodations. If you'd prefer to workout in the privacy of your own suite, our trainers come with a car full of various fitness equipment that will ensure you get a full-body workout in a location and setting you're comfortable with.

We can also offer a range of workout and nutritional packages that are affordable and tailored to you so that you can keep up with your healthy lifestyle while away from home.

If you are planning a stay in Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington or surrounding areaas, contact us for more information on how we can help provide quality fitness and conditioning sessions in your hotel at a time that works with your schedule.

Southern Ontario

Though we're based in Toronto, our team of personal trainers are mobile and travel to various areas throughout the GTA. Our location-specific pages are coming soon, but some of the areas we currently service are:

Aurora | Brampton | Etobicoke | Markham | Mississauga |
North York | Oakville | Richmond Hill | Scarborough |
Thornhill | Toronto | Woodbridge

If you live outside of these ares or would like to know more about our mobile personal training services, feel free to contact us or request a free consultation.

Our Trainers

Certified & Professional

G Force personal trainers are fully licensed and certified, and well versed in the art of achieving fitness results for their clients. They are mobile which means they come to you, and work around your schedule for the most convenience possible. We also have several female personal trainers on staff with varied fitness backgrounds including yoga, kickboxing and muay thai, and other sports-related experience.

Our rigorous hiring procedure ensures that each trainer has - at minimum - a certificate in personal training from a recognized organization, as well as certified CPR and First Aid training. Many have higher education in the field and are certified in a variety of other areas of health and wellness including rehabilitation, nutrition and yoga, to name a few.

Once part of the team, G Force trainers undergo ongoing job training, teaching them our personal training methodology that we’re constantly improving upon and expanding. Our trainers work with pro athletes, pre- and post natal moms, seniors, youth, and previously injured people of all ages, and are highly qualified to work with you and achieve success. We also offer specialized packages corporate, bridal and group training.

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  • In Home Personal Trainer - Adrian


  • In-Home Female Personal Trainer  - Angela


  • Best Personal Trainer Toronto - Gidon


  • Female Personal Trainer Toronto -Karina


  • Mobile Personal Trainer - Kyle


  • Personal Trainer Toronto - Peter


  • Toronto Personal Trainer - Steve


  • Female Personal Fitness Trainer - Theresa



Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know which trainer on your team is right for me?

Our Fitness Manager, during your free consultation and assessment, will analyze your goals and personality and, based on that, as well as your schedule availability, you will be matched up with the best trainer to meet your needs.

What qualifications do your team trainers have?

Although each trainer has their specific background and strengths, each trainer is very qualified, and some technically over qualified, with med students, exercise rehab specialists, and kinesiologists, our team knowledge is quite extensive. Each trainer has to have a credential or qualification that is recognized by the National Competancy Assossiation, and each must complete and pass our G Force Personal Training Course.

What time of day do I train with your trainers?

You will be set up with the right trainer for your program who will accommodate your schedule. If ever a schedule conflict arises, a team trainer will step in to ensure consistency. For the most part, the team trainer assigned to your program will work around your availability.

What equipment do I need?

All the equipment necessary for your program and our program creativity will be brought to your location.

Can we train outdoors?

Any time it is weather permitting, absolutely!

How much space do I need for my workouts?

If you have enough room to lie down and stand up, that is enough for us to customize and do your entire program workout.

Can my partner or friend train with me, even if they are at a different level?

Yes, we do couples training quite often. We still customize the workout and approach each time according to body and goals. You share the time, not the workout.

Do you train teenagers / my child/ children?

Yes, it has become a lot more popular for people to invest in their child's fitness. Many of our team trainers are Youth certified and experienced with motivating kids and young adults towards a fit and active lifestyle.


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