Best New Year’s Resolution: Be a Leader

As a follow up to last week’s post, today’s entry is meant to remind you of a very good reason, perhaps even the BEST reason, to keep up the hard work in living a healthier lifestyle.

If your health goal is simply to lose weight, you might find you’re like many people: they slowly lose motivation over time, especially when they fail to see results right away. We believe the reason for this is that “losing weight” (or other similar goals) just isn’t a good enough reason to continue doing all the necessary work to make this happen.

As we suggested in Trouble Shooting Your Health Plan, the way you can handle this common challenge of waning motivation is to have a BIG reason why it’s important to you to live a healthier life. This particular reason should be packed full with emotion, as emotion is a driving force for all human decisions.

Chinese Grandparents Walking Through Park With Running Grandchildren

This is why we think the best New Year’s resolution for everybody is to be a leader, not only for yourself but your loved ones, too.

Why would this be an emotionally-packed goal? Well, consider this: what happens when your significant other is ill? You end up not only taking care of them (perhaps bringing them soup, for instance), you also must do their usual share of the household and family duties.

Not only does the health of your immediate family members directly affect you, your health affects everyone around you, too, most of all your family.

If you’re finding it hard to maintain a healthier routine because your motives are purely selfish, try making your health about your family. The healthier you are now, the less they have to step up to the plate because you won’t be sick as often. Moreover, healthy adults become healthy seniors. Wouldn’t it be great to be an active part of your children’s (and grandchildren’s) lives in your golden years rather than become a burden?

What makes this the best New Year’s resolution? By being the leader and living a healthier lifestyle, you will in effect be leading by example. Your family will pick up on your healthier choices, and as they see the positive changes in you, they will be inspired to make positive changes for themselves. And, this is where the “healthy selfishness” comes in, the healthier your family is, the less you have to step up to the plate when their health fails.

All of us can use some accountability. Generally, it’s human nature that we’ll choose to be lazy if left on our own. If you’re being the leader within your family, it might be a good idea to hire a personal trainer to keep you accountable when you’re unable to keep yourself accountable. A good personal trainer will also remind you of your BIG reason for being healthier when your motivation dwindles.

Then when you’re strong (i.e., have your healthy routine down pat) and your family is ready to be healthier, you can then help them become accountable. You can respectfully encourage them, without insulting them, to consistently make healthier choices. And you might even share with them your BIG reason for getting and staying healthier, so that they may find a similar reason for themselves.

To sum up this blog post, because it is a bit of a spiral… when you make your family the main reason for your healthier choices, you’ll be able to maintain your motivation because of the emotional driving force backing it up. When you become a healthy lifestyle leader, you’re not only helping yourself, you’re also helping your loved ones AND inspiring them to care about their health, which in turn will help you in the long run. It really is a win-win situation!

What’s your BIG reason for getting and staying healthy?  

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