Cesar Would Approve!

Today’s blog post is all about our tagline, “Train Your Mind to Train Your Body,” using the life of a celebrity (and the approach he uses to excel in his career) as a living example of what we mean. Keep reading for the psychology behind health & fitness, and the most important tip for a more effective workout!

Have you seen the National Geographic show, “The Dog Whisperer?” If you have, then you’re familiar with Cesar Millan, the man behind the show who rehabilitates dysfunctional dogs. But there’s more to the story than meets the eye… and you don’t have to have a dog (or even like dogs) to appreciate what deeper value Cesar offers!


As we watch and listen to Cesar rehabilitating the canines on his program, we actually learn more about human psychology and behaviour than that of dogs. Read Wellness Lessons from The Dog Whisperer for a more complete and thorough explanation with examples.

In a nutshell, Cesar teaches people how to handle dogs using an alpha male mentality. Apparently when dogs, especially dominant ones, do not sense an alpha male (or female!) in the “pack” or in the case of house pets, in the family, they assume the position of leader. This is when they become unruly and uncontrollable.

Even watching one episode, you’ll soon find out what it looks like to have an alpha mentality. It starts with a positive outlook, self-confidence and a clear understanding of your dog’s needs. Once you accomplish this, your posture changes, you can make decisions for the entire family unit that is in everyone’s best interest and your dog then submits to you as the leader of the pack.

If a dog owner is the least bit fearful, tense, nervous or worried (basically thinking and feeling negatively), the dog can sense this energy and reacts negatively to it. Naturally, they just won’t listen – it’s almost as if they cannot trust the human to make a good decision (and be their leader) under these circumstances.

In other words, Cesar believes it’s the human mind that trains (or controls) dogs.

Gidon, owner and operator of G Force Training is a BIG Cesar Millan fan because they are completely aligned with this belief, and not only in training dogs but also in training your body. As you can tell, it’s G Force’s tagline: Train Your Mind to Train Your Body!

As a personal trainer, Gidon says he can tell when his clients are in a negative mood. Whether it’s mentally, emotionally or spiritually (they actually all tie together), your body responds appropriately. When you’re in a negative energy state, your body tenses. When you’re in a positive energy state, your body is relaxed.

So when you’re working out and you’re in a negative state, you’re working already tense muscles. This can easily lead to injury or at the very least, you’ll fail to reach optimum performance (leading to an ineffective workout).

G Force encourages clients to prep themselves before a workout: mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To do this, look at yourself in a mirror and give yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself positive things, and make it a daily habit. You’ll not only improve your workouts, this habit will help you control your dog (if you have one) AND it’ll enhance all of your life!  

How do YOU prep yourself for your workout?

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