Find Your Personal Trainer With These Questions: Part 3

So far we’ve covered 10 questions to ask potential personal trainers when searching for the perfect personal trainer for you (read Part 1 and Part 2). Here are the final 5 questions!

Two sporty people. man and womanWho are these personal trainers who want to help you? Are they in the business for your personal interest or theirs? Hopefully it’s a balance between the two, and they’re in it on their end for the right reasons! These are the last 5 of 15 questions to help you determine that for yourself, before you invest money:

  1. Has a client ever fired you? This is a question that can go either way. On one hand, you want them to show they are honest and if they answer, “yes” then you know for sure of their honesty. But, of course, you’ll also want to ask them why they were fired and their answer could be either good or bad. Either way, you should be able to determine their character and/or style of training. If they answer, “no,” they may be lying, have a lack of experience, or are a superior personal trainer who can work with almost anyone OR who has the ideal screening questions for their clients. (Stay tuned for an upcoming post with a list of questions that good personal trainers ask their clients!)
  2. What is your personal health program like? You want to know what kinds of exercises they do, whether they focus on cross-fit or boxing, weight-training or marathon training, etc. What their diet is like and how strict they are for themselves, so you can see whether they are militant or flexible depending on personal goals. For this question, you not only want to get to know your potential personal trainer better, you’re also becoming aware of certain information so you can better assess their answer for the next question…
  3. How well-rounded are you? What you’re looking for here in an answer is that they have training in various exercise methods and that they can offer different varieties that will suit you, personally. For instance, do they train their clients based on only what they do for themselves? Or do they know a little of many training methods so they can match up the training to a particular client? Also, you may need a personal trainer who is well-versed in injury, heart-limitation or nutrition. You want their credentials and experience to match your needs as a client.
  4. How early do you start your day? This is a great screening question that owner and operator of G Force Home Training, Gidon Gabbay, uses for hiring purposes to make up his team of mobile trainers. In his many years of experience, the trainers who wake up early are the most passionate and committed motivators. They understand that 80% of clients have demanding schedules that require an 8 am or earlier availability. These early risers also understand that it’s important to service the client’s convenience, and also balance their own personal fitness goals before they can help their client’s with their fitness goals.
  5. Do you perform physical assessments and how often? You’re looking for a definite, “yes” here with a few details in what their assessment entails. Complete health assessments include things like, determining resting heart-rate and calculating maximum heart-rate, current body fat composition as well as strength testing. As for how often, you want to hear about every 5 to 6 weeks, depending on the personal goal.

There you have it, this completes a total of 15 questions to ask your potential personal trainers when researching which one in your area. If you’re ready to invest in a personal trainer, we hope you take the time to properly interview candidates so you can be more assured of your purchasing decision.

Have we left any screening questions out? If you can think of any we missed, please share them in the comment section below!

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