Go Ahead, Beat On Us With Our Thai Boxing Workouts

How would you like a human punching bag to release all that pent up frustration and tension from the day? Read on to find out more and don’t worry, we promise there’s no blood in our workouts!

As a Toronto-based personal training company that brings the gym to you, we have several defining characteristics that make us different from other fitness training companies. Besides being a mobile unit, our philosophy is to train the mind to train the body, so we honour the mind-body link for long-lasting success.

As you might already know, martial arts is practiced for a variety of reasons, including mental, physical and spiritual development. As this is aligned with our holistic philosophy, we’ve incorporated martial arts in all of our workouts.

It makes our fitness programs more fun and engaging for both body and mind, an exciting way to increase cardio while functioning as a superb stress-reliever! .

Approximately 99% of all our clients love the Western-Style and Mauy Thai kickboxing parts of their workouts! Mostly because they get to beat on their trainer. 😉

The most effective workouts include both cardio and strength-training. This is yet another reason why we use martial arts in our fitness programs. Kickboxing stimulates new muscle groups as they require total body movements to maintain balance and posture. The faster you punch and kick, the more your heart works. All of which translates into burning more calories.

Our trainers use hand pads to absorb your stress while you punch away at us with gloved fists. You’ll learn how to throw punches, knee and elbow strikes and kicks, and add them to the typical workout moves, like lunges and squats. This will rev up your heart-rate to the fat-burning levels. Way more fun (and efficient) than using a treadmill!

The boxing moves in your customized G Force fitness program works the arms, shoulders, legs, rotational muscles… well, pretty much every part of the body except the back, which we take care of in the rest of the workout. Not to mention how many of our clients say they feel tougher and stronger just by putting on the gloves. What a way to increase self-confidence!

If you want a super fun and exciting way to use your workout time more effectively, and possibly learn a few martial arts moves for self-defense, then contact us to book a no-obligation, on-site consultation. Get a complimentary workout with one of our fitness experts and see if a G Force personal trainer is for you.  

Have you ever tried martial arts before? Did you like it?

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