Healthy, Safe Tips to Jump Start Weight Loss

We promote focusing on healthy living rather than solely on weight loss – too many people can form obsessive thoughts and behaviours around weight loss (plus, have you heard of being skinny fat?). However, this is the term most people are searching so here you go with answers to one of the most popular health and fitness questions!

Healthy weight loss directly results from consistent (specific) habits that in turn increases metabolism. If you don’t already know or need a reminder, metabolism makes up all the chemical reactions in your cells that sustain life.

Metabolism has two main categories:

  1. Breakdown of organic matter to provide energy.
  2. Building up of components, which uses energy for these processes.

When we’re talking about weight loss, metabolism is the rate of which your body burns fat. With a high metabolism, you’re burning fat while you sit there and read this post!

Tips to Boost Your Metabolism & Weight Loss

If you follow these tips consistently, you WILL increase your metabolism (unless you have an underlying health issue). The trick is to make these into daily habits. Why? Read: Routine, Routine, Routine.

  1. Avoid alcohol and dairy. This is the first tip Gidon (owner of G Force) shares with new clients who are looking for fast results in their health and fitness goals. Alcohol depletes muscle gains while dairy cannot be properly digested in humans because we lack the digestive enzymes. For more on this, read The 2 Most Important Nutrition Tips for Accelerated Results.
  2. Avoid sugar. This is another substance that gets in the way of weight loss. Mainly because it holds no nutritional value – it’s empty calories! It also stimulates your nervous system and shuts down your immune system for a short time (how long depends on how much you’ve consumed). Relaxing is integral to weight loss (more on this below) and a strong immune system is necessary in both recovery and avoiding ill-health which will derail your efforts in building healthy habits. An article that might help with this tip as well as #3 below is Diabetics Know A Thing or Two.
  3. Avoid processed foods. You are literally up made (your cells) from what you eat (read: You Are What You Eat) – do you want to be a Cadillac or a junker? Processed foods are difficult for the body to metabolize due to the chemicals and so they slow down metabolism. Here is the Easiest Nutritional Guideline Ever.
  4. Avoid Emotional Eating & Eat to Boost Your Metabolism. Emotional eating is also hard on your metabolism because it usually involves the wrong foods at the wrong times and in the wrong amounts. (For more on this read: The Weekend vs. The Weekdays.) Healthy eating habits are essential to increasing your metabolism. Bottom-line here is eat smaller meals and snacks about every two hours. For more healthy eating habits read: Part 1 & 2 of How to Control Overindulgence & Stop Overeating and Get Satisfaction, Not Fullness.
  5. Increase Your Water Intake. Good old fashioned H2O has zero calories and transports nutrients, oxygen and energy throughout our bodies. It is absolutely essential to a fully-functioning, optimal metabolism. Read Hydration Hacks for tips. We suggest that you proactively hydrate – meaning, sip on water throughout the day and add more if you’re going to be active. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty because it’ll be too late. Read Are You Mistaking Thirst for Hunger? for how the hunger/thirst confusion contributes to weight gain.
  6. Perform More Interval Training. With this exercise method, which is the way G Force trainers roll, you burn more calories and speed up metabolism because you’re working both fast and slow twitch muscles. Check out why interval training is king and an example of it in Why Interval Training is the Most Effective Approach.
  7. Improve Your Sleep. Getting the right amount and quality of sleep affects weight loss and your metabolism mainly because it affects hormones (that either help you gain weight or lose it). Read Rest & Recover Your Way to Better Health for exactly how sleep affects your weight loss efforts and a few tips in how to improve your sleep. Sleep deprivation can also affect your behaviour throughout the day as we tend to reach for unhealthy substances to keep us going when we’re sleepy (which in turn affects sleep that night).
  8. Practice Stress-Management. Like sleep, stress affects our hormones that either help us to lose weight or gain it. Check out these posts for tons of stress-management tips: Manage Your Stress & Avoid Illness, 10 Unusual Stress-Management Tips and An Introduction to Meditation.
  9. Drink Green Tea. There are numerous studies showing that green tea helps weight loss, hence the sudden influx in the market with green tea extracts. Green tea boosts metabolism through the EGCG antioxidant found in it, which has been shown to increase the effects of fat-burning hormones and significantly so (like 17% more!) when paired with exercise. Read this article by AuthorityNutrition.com for more details and links to the studies.

There you have 9 healthy, safe ways to boost your metabolism and kick start your weight loss efforts. We invite you to read all the links contained in this article for additional information and tips to help you with increasing your knowledge and attaining your goals.

If you find all this overwhelming, hiring a good personal trainer can make it much easier for you to plan how you’ll tackle your health goals using this information. They will also guide you through the process at your own pace while still challenging you. Contact us for a free consultation.   

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