How to Improve Your Work & Relationships

If there was a secret to increasing your success in work, improving your relationships and making life in general easier, wouldn’t you like to know? That’s what this post is about, so keep reading to find out the secret!

business-successWhen we get into a fitness routine, over time we lose our gumption or drive for it. We end up falling into the trap of “just going through the motions.” You know what that’s like… you’re running on the treadmill or going through your workout routine but your mind is still buzzing with “to dos,” worries and replaying scenes in your head like, “I should’ve said that to her…”

When we simply do our fitness routine without much thought to it, we may still get the benefits of increasing our heart-rate and stimulating our muscles, but we lose the extra benefits of pushing ourselves to our limits.

In a recent interview with Gidon Gabbay, owner of G Force Training, he said he’s been training harder than ever before and he’s seen a marked improvement in all areas of his life, and especially in his work efficiency. He believes (and knows through personal experience) when we maximize our physical potential, we increase our mental potential.

Here are just some of his results and observations since he’s been training harder:

  • mind is more at ease
  • dealing with people is easier
  • more productive and focused
  • drive for work is greater than ever before
  • waking up earlier is easier

(Read, The Hidden Benefits of Working Out & Eating Well for my personal experience of training to my potential with a G Force personal trainer.)

Why Does Training Harder Have Extra Benefits?

At it’s very core, it comes down to stress-management. Stress is a fact of life and we all have to manage it. Most people have no problem physically relaxing with a sedentary activity, like watching TV or reading a book. Sedentary activities, however, do little to reduce stress and benefit mental and emotional health.

Basically, stress is energy. (Read, What is Stress? for a definition and a more thorough discussion.) And this energy needs to be released or it will build up inside us until we breakdown (like taking it out on our co-workers or loved ones) and eventually it can (and will) express itself as illness or disease.

Fitness is a constructive way of releasing this pent-up energy from the daily grind. High intensity exercise such as weight-training, kickboxing and martial arts (and performing them to your potential!) is especially helpful in reducing anger and frustration levels by releasing our negative feelings through forceful activity.

When you train to your potential, you require full concentration to perform. This means your mind is completely clear of everything else BUT your body and what you need to perform the activity. This is active meditation in action!

Chemically speaking, exercise balances our brain as it releases feel-good neurotransmitters and hormones. When we’re chemically-balanced, we enjoy better moods more often, and when we’re happy, we’re more passionate, productive and motivated. And, of course, we make others happy just by being around us so our relationships naturally improve!

Can you see how fitness, and especially when you maximize your potential, makes life easier? If you wish to improve your business, work efficiency, relationships, daily routine and achieve more success in life, try pushing yourself a little harder during your next workout.

However, if you choose to train to your potential and you use improper form or techniques, you can hurt yourself! This is where a fitness professional really comes in handy. They can also challenge you to push yourself past your limiting beliefs so you can reach your TRUE potential!

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