Loving the Natural *Free* Cleanse

Everyone wants to feel young and energized again. This is what most companies selling cleansing products claim will happen once you finish their specially designed cleanse (maybe not publicly but through their representatives). But do we really need to spend all that money?

If you are unaware of what the common market cleanse looks like, they generally consist of a multitude of packaged items: pills, powders, shakes, bars and processed “treats.” They are designed to be ultra easy-to-use, tasty and marketed as “nutritional supplements.”

healthy woman cleansingGiddon Gabbay, owner and operator of G Force Home Training, believes there’s a more effective, *FREE* and long-lasting cleanse available to everyone of us. It’s in the form of choosing clean eating habits and letting our natural internal cleansing system do it’s job.

Why Market Cleanses Have Become Popular

For many people, cleanses actually work and the client usually sees fast results. Compared to the “junk food” available to us on shelves in grocery and convenience stores, these laboratory created nutrients do contain more nutritional value for our bodies. Keep in mind, though, they are not natural.

Gidon strongly believes that when market cleanses work, it’s because the client drastically reduced their caloric intake while at the same time avoided substances that contribute to weight-gain. For instance, most market cleanse systems instruct you to avoid alcohol, sugar, chips, soda, fried foods and other favourite empty calorie sources while you’re on their cleanse.

While this method does create weight-loss, you may also be losing precious muscle. Many people who cleanse will still train (or at least be active) on their “cleanse days.” But like a car, we need the proper fuel to energize our bodies for training. (Read more on this: Long Live Carbs!).

The major crux of these market cleanses is that they are designed to keep you on the product and create an income stream for distributors. If a client should happen to stop using it, and hasn’t used it to positively change their eating habits, then the client begins to gain weight again. If clients wish to achieve long-lasting results with these cleansing systems, they must continue to buy into them and go on a “maintenance program.”

A Natural, *FREE* Cleanse

Gidon says that if you want to cleanse, all you have to do is, “Cut out the crap!” Be realistic with your current abilities, like you may want to simply start off with, “I’m eating ONLY home-cooked meals for three weeks.”

Also, learn to eat and train like an athlete. Of course, again, setting realistic milestones are necessary and depends on your current health levels as well as your mental mindset. It is impossible to overhaul your lifestyle overnight; actually, you may do more damage than good if you try that route. Going from a couch potato to an athlete takes time, knowledge and completing varying steps.

Here is a good starting point: 8 Keys to Successful Weight-Loss and Spring Cleaning for Your Body.

If you’re really convinced cleansing is what you need, please read our blog post: Are You Planning to Cleanse? In this article, we explain a bit more about Gidon’s suggestion to try the natural cleansing process, as well as discussing how food allergies/sensitivities can interfere with our natural cleansing system (including how to discover food sensitivities).

When you’re ready to advance towards eating and training more like an athlete, contact us and work with a certified Toronto Personal Trainer who knows how to help you achieve what you’re looking for: long-lasting, naturally attained, health and fitness results.

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