Meet Your G Force Babies Fitness Instructor

Last month we blogged about launching a new service, G Force Babies, designed especially for helping new moms lose postpartum weight and get fit. We thought you might like to meet the personal trainer heading the program!

I just had the great pleasure of meeting up with Lori Luk, a certified fitness instructor who has recently rejoined the G Force team. She’s back after having two children to lend G Force her new forte in the fitness world: postpartum workouts.

After gaining and losing 35 pounds with each child, Lori knows what a new mom goes through physically, mentally and emotionally after having a baby. She’s perfectly suited for leading the first class we’re launching in the G Force Babies program, the Stroller Fit Class!

Over the last few years Lori’s designed, honed and been teaching her Stroller Fit Class to new moms. She’s been a personal trainer for 8 years, took some time off 5 years ago when she had her first son and again for a short time after having her second son 2 years ago.

By far this class is the most popular postpartum class she’s taught. Moms love it and rave about it! She told me most moms join the class with a friend but that when a new mom arrives alone, they soon make friends from the class. It’s truly a fantastic way to bond with your babies and other new moms.

About the Stroller Fit Class

Did you know pushing a 30 pound stroller around is an effective way to get fit and lose that baby weight? Of course, there’s more to it; otherwise it would be easy for all new moms to lose postpartum weight!

In this fitness class you can expect to participate in some cardio, as well as building your upper and lower body strength. The class is designed to increase your overall fitness, spend time with your baby and just get out of the house for some fun, social time.

This is a seasonal class done in the great outdoors. Lori chooses a circle park with a path surrounding a pond. You’ll be using park benches to assist you in your workout, stairs and even stretching bands. You have control over the effort you want to exert (especially the upper body exercises) but either way, expect to be ready for a shower afterwards and maybe even a nap with baby!

And Lori assures me that babies always come first. Your baby is supervised at all times, no matter what you’re doing. The class is more flexible than super structured to allow you to take care of your baby’s needs as they arise, like taking a time out to feed when needed.

Lori’s Personal Postpartum Weight Story

Steph: How much weight did you put on while you were pregnant and how long did it take for you to lose it?

Lori: I gained 35 pounds with each child, and in each case, it took a year to lose my postpartum weight.

Steph: Tell us about your fitness regime before and after each baby. How did you lose your postpartum weight?

Lori: I was very active before my first child and even taught spinning classes right up to my 8th month. After giving birth, I didn’t start working out until 2 months after he was born due to healing from complications with the birth. I started off slowly and worked up again to a normal routine, including doing stroller fitness once or twice a week.

With my second baby, he was sitting on a nerve which made my leg numb. Working out in this case consisted of running around after a two-year-old! I started working out again about 4 months after my second little guy was born. I started off with spinning class once or twice a week until he was 9 months old. Eventually I was working out three times per week between spinning and bootcamp class.

Steph: Being fit before giving birth, do you think it was easier for you to get back into shape after the births? What issues did you experience postpartum?

Lori: Some women are very lucky and they lose their postpartum weight almost immediately. Even though I was physically fit, it was surprisingly difficult to lose the weight! Being a personal trainer, I knew I could do it. I kept telling myself exactly what I tell my clients, keeping the belief intact and motivating them towards success.

But even so, as I continued to workout and do what I teach, it wasn’t working! I kept telling myself if it took 9 months to put on the weight, it’ll take at least 9 months to take it off. It’s so true: a woman’s body changes after giving birth. It’s just different; your hips expand, skin stretches, you have less muscle than before and that extra weight just likes to hang around.

It’s really hard on a new mom, mentally, to go through this. It’s even harder to get your body back when you have your children close together. But then you look at your beautiful, healthy baby and you learn to accept this part of the experience.

This is why I’ve incorporated “talk time” after the Stroller Fit Class. I think it’s really important for new moms to hear what others have experienced in the past and the challenges other new moms are experiencing. I also feel it’s very important for new moms simply to have a reason to get out of the house, to be active, vent their frustrations, bond with their babies and connect other women.

When is the best time for moms to join?

Doctor’s advise waiting to begin an exercise routine until 6 weeks after the birth. I find the majority of moms join the Stroller Fit Class at 10 weeks.

They can keep coming to the class as long as their babies are generally happy sitting in the stroller, which is usually about 12 months or when they learn to walk. I’ve had older kids, though, who are calm and content to be there in the park with their moms. We had a one-and-a-half year old who was happy to snack the whole time while his mom was working out!

Will you be ready to join the G Force Stroller Fit Class when Spring 2013 rolls around? If you have any questions about the class or for Lori, leave them in the comment section below. If you wish to sign up or speak to someone in person, just contact us!

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