My Recent Lessons Working with a Personal Trainer

Today’s article is written by guest blogger, Steph Miller from LiveLighter.org, who is not a personal trainer but has had experience getting fit using both DIY personal training AND personal trainers. 

Life got in the way a few years ago and I’ve been struggling to get back on track. I was trying to use DIY personal training (because it’s worked for me in the past and personal training wasn’t in my budget) but after 2 years of trying and only getting heavier and softer, I prioritized my health and added “personal training” to my budget.

woman-enjoying-workoutTwo years ago I moved to a new town so I couldn’t hire my personal trainers in Toronto. I asked some fit people who I bumped into about referrals and I hired a *good* personal trainer in my town! (Read this 3-part post series on How to Find a Good Personal Trainer.)

I worked with my new personal trainer, Sarah from Ultimate Fitness Gym in Renfrew for eight weeks, once per week, tweaked my diet slightly and within the first couple of weeks I had already begun to feel a huge change. The biggest improvement was the chronic but minor aches in my left shoulder and right hip. Two months later I feel NO pain in my shoulder and my hip rarely pipes up these days.

I feel stronger, healthier, and fit better in my clothes! Since I was dead-lifting 135 pounds and squatting 110 lbs with my new trainer, I realized I outgrew my home gym (my heaviest weights are 10 lbs) a looong time ago. I decided to sign up for a gym membership, as well.

This past Monday I went to the gym for the first time since becoming a member, with full intentions of working out by myself. I was lost! I made it through my session with picking and choosing exercises I remembered from Sarah’s workout program. But it was SO much easier with my trainer – I didn’t have to think!

And although I sweated (ALOT) for those 45 minutes (I usually work out an hour with Sarah), the next day I didn’t have that awesome, slight “I worked out!” soreness I’ve been enjoying with my trainer-lead workouts. She pushed me in ways that didn’t push myself!

I called up my old trainer (Gidon Gabbay of G Force Home Training in Toronto), to share with him my recent lessons of working with a personal trainer vs myself with a DIY approach. His response was, “Those are some of the very reasons why I have a personal trainer, too!” 

Which, of course, gave him his next blog post idea, “Reasons Why Even Personal Trainers Have Personal Trainers.” Stay tuned for this upcoming article!



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