Youth & Teen Fitness Training: Healthy Lifestyles to Last a Lifetime

Studies show healthy habits formed in childhood persist into adulthood long after leaving home. (TIME: How to Prevent Obesity, 2011)

In response to the growing number of parents who realize the benefits of personal training for kids, G Force offers youth and teen training programs. This is fantastic news for the 31% of our Canadian youth aged five to 17 who are overweight or obese (Stats Canada, 2012)!

Teen & youth fitness equipment.

In today’s convenient world of cell phones, social media, video games, packaged and fast food, plus limited PE time in schools – it’s a continual challenge for youth and teens to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles. While kids rarely listen to their parents, they are far more likely to follow the advice and guidance of a knowledgeable and certified personal trainer.

Professional personal training provides kids with structure and discipline while developing respect, patience and the ability to follow instructions from a leader. Youth and teen personal trainers often become positive role models and consistently reinforce the knowledge kids need to make healthy choices in a high-pressured society, to be fit now and well beyond into adulthood.

Youth Fitness & Teen Personal Training: G School offers FUN Fitness!

G School Trainers are experienced and qualified to design and deliver programs for both athletic and non-athletic youth and teens from ages nine and up. The best part: we make exercise fun for kids with evolving routines to keep them engaged and incorporating kickboxing elements in all our workouts!

While our workouts are personalized, all our youth and teen fitness programs involve low-impact exercises to maintain the integrity of their natural body development. Since kids are still physically developing, specifically their blood pressure and temperature, G School instructors also closely monitor heart-rate as well as increase warm-up and cool-down times. (Source: Nutrition 411)

To combat the high risk of poor posture due to “screen time” and sitting all day in school, G School’s youth and teen fitness programs focus on improving posture, agility, stability and co-ordination. All of which helps prevent potential future chronic pain or injuries for your child.

Benefits of Youth Fitness & Teen Fitness

With regular exercise and the G School martial arts twist, your child will obtain:

  • Increased confidence, self-esteem, self-respect and discipline
  • Improved attention span and concentration (a natural effect of constructive energy burn)
  • Advanced stress management to better handle life’s challenges
  • More strength, fat-loss and faster metabolism to prevent future health risks (such as diabetes)
  • Better posture and alignment
  • Injury and chronic pain prevention
  • Improved athletic results in sports and extracurricular activities
  • Better social interactions

As studies suggest, it’s easier for adults to live healthy lifestyles if those habits are instilled at a young age. G School is the opportunity for your youth or teen to build good habits that carry into adulthood. Plus, the immediate benefits of personal training for kids help realize your child’s potential. Your children will thank you, if not right away, definitely when they’re older!

If you’re interested in learning more about our customized personal training sessions for youth or teens, contact us for a free consultation today.


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