Stronger for Life

Everyone has daily activities they need to do to live life and maintain it. What if you could use that time more efficiently to get stronger and healthier? Here’s a little tip we like to share with our clients in how to make good use of their time, every day and in every way. 

Man lifting cardboard boxes in apartmentA personal trainer can provide you with the motivational support you need to reach your health goals, help you create realistic goals and above all else, show you how to perform exercises properly to prevent injury.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, there are many resources, like magazines and websites, you can turn to that teach you proper technique with almost every exercise imaginable. Once you know the fundamentals of good form, you can apply this knowledge in other areas of your life.

This is what we like to remind our clients. That is, you have the choice to be more conscious with every movement you make in life. With everything you do in a day, you have a chance to grow stronger and more balanced, as well as prevent injury or reduce the instance of aggravating an old injury. (Check out, Think “Prehab” Instead of Rehab)

Say for instance, you have a box to pick up and move. Someone without knowledge of proper form will most likely bend at the waist and pick it up using their back muscles. But, uh oh! Picking up a heavy box like that will more than likely cause a back injury.

Instead, if you’re familiar with squats because you do them with your trainer or workout on your own knowing proper squat technique, you’ll know your leg muscles are much stronger and you’ll naturally know how to pick up that box by using your legs and keeping your back straight.

We suggest to all our clients to think of what their trainer shows them in their workout and mimic these movements in life. When you’re more conscious with your movements and use proper technique, you’re working those muscles outside your usual workout time and getting more out of the time you’re going to spend on these daily activities anyway.

In addition, your personal trainer teaches you to create balance in your body through your workouts. Are you a new mom who carries her kid using only her right side? If you are, you will eventually lengthen one side while the other side tightens. This creates an imbalance in the spinal cord, leading to eventual back pain and possible future injury.

New moms who have the knowledge of a personal trainer will know to practice carrying her children on both sides of her body to strengthen each side equally. 

So have we convinced you to be a little more aware of your movements in life to get stronger, more balanced, prevent injuries or prevent aggravation of old injuries? If we have, here’s a little tip in how to start being stronger for life:

Next time you’re sitting at the computer or eating dinner, try tightening up your core, bringing your shoulders back and sit with good posture. You’ll notice a difference in your posture in just a few short weeks!


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