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Swimming for Fitness

We’re heading into the dog days of summer and some days the weather is so brutal some of us will make this an excuse to skip a workout. With access to a swimming pool, however, workouts can turn into a welcomed relief! Keep reading to get the lowdown on swimming for fitness.  

Swimming is one of the most efficient and beneficial types of exercise available – no equipment needed! It offers resistance without weights so it’s super easy on the joints and ideal if you’re recovering from an injury. Swimming also offers the double whammy of an aerobic workout to help you strengthen your heart and lungs.

Whether you add swimming into a workout routine or simply focus on pure swimming for health and weight-loss, you can easily incorporate a poolside variety of exercise into your existing fitness schedule!

Swim and Improve Your Health & Fitness

If you choose to focus purely on swimming as part of your weekly fitness routine, you can challenge yourself in numerous ways.

For instance, you can time yourself swimming laps and work on improving your time with the same amount of laps or increase the number of your laps in less time. Change things up and experiment with different strokes and speeds.

Use the variety of swimming styles to your benefit

Do you realize how many different swimming styles there are out there? Wikipedia lists 23 types (some of which have sub-types), plus they have fun names like Corkscrew, Eel and Octopus stroke!

All of these swimming styles work different muscles in the body. Learn them all and you truly have an unlimited ability to keep your swimming routine fresh and fun. With a little planning, you can create a full-body workout OR choose similar styles in one session to work a specific part of your body (like legs on one day and chest on another day).


If you need ideas in how to use the pool to improve your health and fitness, just try an aquafit class or two!

Water aerobics is a variety of aerobic exercises (such as water jogging and knee highs) performed in fairly shallow water, usually waist deep. They are done mostly vertically within the pool without swimming, and used as a type of resistance training.

Combine a Typical Workout with Swimming

There are a ton of different exercises that can be done in and around the pool. All you need is a little creativity and some equipment to really pump up your fitness levels during the summer months!

Bring medicine balls, resistance bands and dumbbells with you and you have an endless variety of workouts to work with at the pool. As an example, swim laps to increase your heart-rate between sets of squats and lunges.

As you can see from this post, the benefits (and diversity) of swimming can greatly improve your overall health and fitness. With a little ingenuity and knowledge, your poolside fitness options are limitless!

If you have access to a pool and love swimming but require some assistance creating safe and effective workouts, reach out to us. Our personal trainers are trained in the art of workout creativity!  

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