The 2 Most Important Nutrition Tips For Accelerated Results

Do you have an aggressive health goal where you want to see results FAST? Well, you’re in luck today because this blog post is all about the advice Gidon gives his G Force Training clients when they first sign up.

Most G Force Training clients want to get fit, meaning they want to lose fat and gain muscle. And for most people, in general, they want to see the results yesterday.

Based on Gidon’s industry knowledge and seeing results firsthand, he’s got two tips for anyone who wants to achieve their health and fitness goals in the least amount of time:

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The 2 Most Important Fitness Tips for Fast Results

  1. Avoid ALL dairy.
  2. Avoid ALL alcohol.

Adhering to a zero tolerance policy for both dairy and alcohol may seem extreme to you but there are reasons behind Gidon’s advice!

Why Cut Dairy Out?

Did you know we’re the only mammals in nature who ingest another mammals’ milk? Did you also know that we humans lack the digestive enzymes for cow’s milk? This essentially means our bodies are unable to absorb the nutrients from dairy.

You may believe the marketing hype of needing the calcium contained in cow’s milk but because we lack those necessary digestive enzymes, we’re just peeing it out without getting any nutritional benefit from it.

Actually, when we ingest cow’s milk we’re most likely impeding our entire digestive functioning because it has to work extra hard to process the dairy without the necessary specific enzymes. We actually may be harming our sensitive digestive system each time we drink or eat cow’s milk products.

Gidon has reason to believe that all humans have a certain degree of intolerance for dairy which creates digestive issues, which in turn leads to an inability to fully absorb the nutrients in other foods that help us build up our muscle after tearing it in training.

In fact, did you know that even with human breast milk, toddlers stop producing the digestive enzyme necessary to break down the nutrients so we can absorb them? This means that we humans, from toddler-age onward, are NOT naturally built to ingest milk!

Interestingly, though, we DO have digestive enzymes that recognize goat’s milk better. This is why natural health professionals across the globe suggest products made from goat’s milk rather than that produced from cows.

Oh! And on a final note: not only does dairy mess with our digestive systems, we’re also ingesting all the “extra stuff” in the cows, such as excess stress hormones, antibiotics and steroids, including whatever we DON’T know commercial farmers are exposing their herd to while raising them in order to produce more product for market demand.

Why Avoid Alcohol?

Bottom line: alcohol has been shown to interrupt muscle development for up to two weeks after drinking it. It does this for several reasons.

The first reason is that it’s dehydrating. Our entire body is made up of mostly water, including our muscles. When we aren’t working out, alcohol will deplete our muscle cells simply by dehydrating them. When we are working out, alcohol will regress any progress we make because building up torn muscle is interrupted without enough hydration.

The second reason is alcohol disrupts our sleep. It is during sleep where most of our healing and repairing occurs. The human growth hormone, used to repair cells, is released during specific phases of sleep and alcohol can prevent us from reaching these deeper phases. Alcohol has been shown to prevent up to 70% release of the human growth hormone!

Speaking of hormones, testosterone is also a hormone used to build muscle. The liver releases a substance which activates the natural release of both testosterone and the human growth hormone. Alcohol interferes with the release of this substance which in turn affects the release of these muscle building hormones.

The third reason (that we know of so far), is that alcohol is a toxin, a poison, and the body requires energy to process and remove it from the system. This is energy that could be used for the rebuilding of muscle and recovering from a workout.

As you can see, there’s good reason why Gidon suggests a zero tolerance for dairy and alcohol when you want to get fit fast. Now, if you’re not in a hurry, by all means, choose to ingest your cheese and wine in moderation. If you limit your consumption of dairy and alcohol while you eat healthy meals and follow a fitness program, you WILL achieve the results you desire. Only, it’ll take you a bit longer.

Have you had any experience with getting fit and cutting out dairy and alcohol? Please share in the comments below!  

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