The Most Important Benefit of a Healthy Lifestyle

While most personal training focuses solely on the body, we here at G Force Training suggest training your mind first in order to train your body. Today’s post is about how training these 2 aspects of your being actually helps train your heart (and we’re not talking about the pumpity-pump organ)!

Have you ever been in a situation where your “spidey senses” tingle? You know, where you just know something to be true without really having any reason to believe it to be so?

Some people call it “gut instinct” and tell stories where they truly feel that because they listened to this part of themselves, it saved their lives. Or maybe you’ve called someone and they surprised you by saying, “I was just thinking of you!”

This is also known in some circles as intuition or `listening to your heart’ because it is a knowing or belief that we cannot justify based on the known facts or through intellectual reasoning. Yet, even the most die-hard `realists’ admit that they’ve heard their intuition and when they’ve followed it, good things came and if they refused to follow it, not-so-great things resulted.

The more spiritual folks will say: praying is you talking to God (or the Universe, Elohim, Allah, etc.) while intuition is God talking to you.

Intuition: #1 Benefit of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the most beneficial results of eating a clean diet, sleeping well, exercising regularly and managing stress is developing intuition.

Why do we say this? Let us explain…

Living in today’s society, most of us really don’t have a lot of time alone. Even when we are alone, we usually have the TV or radio on, or we’re reading magazines, newspapers or surfing the net. When we do this, we allow the media (including exposing ourselves, even subconsciously, to commercials and advertisements!) to subtly, if not obviously, influence us on different levels.

Most of us have in fact been programmed from birth to listen to others (parents, teachers, siblings, etc.) because `they know better.’ Then later we decide on our own (so we can feel `accepted’), to regard the thoughts and beliefs of our friends, society or the `cool kids’ at school with the highest esteem, even above our own. That is, if we even give ourselves time to ponder what we really think or want…

Originally, we were told to listen to our elders because they really did know better (based on our intellectual capabilities at the time). It was meant to keep us safe; but there comes a time in our development (if we have enough self-esteem) when we are old enough to listen to ourselves. We then trust ourselves and have learned how to gather as much of the necessary information we need to decide what is right for us.

However, there’s irony here. The process just described uses facts (well, what we know at the time to be factual) so that we can reason through the dilemma to come a conclusion. The irony is that as children, we are most in-tuned with our intuition!

My mother told me several stories where I was doing `odd things’ (like eating dirt, yes, I’m admitting that!) so as a concerned parent, she took me to the doctor. He said it was normal, that I was actually most likely deficient in a mineral or I was building up my immune system.

(Now, don’t ask me to explain why some kids eat glue…)

In any case, I think you’ll agree that most children can sense things, like most animals can sense fear or aggression. But because kids are unaware of the dangers in the world, parents feel they must program us in some ways to keep us safe. (Geez, parenting is rough – how do they know how or when to teach us to listen to our intuition?!)

As adults, it’s up to us to learn to listen to our intuition again and reprogram ourselves to believe that only we know what’s best for us. By living a healthy lifestyle, we develop the mind-body-heart (intuition) link so that we can listen to ourselves more clearly.

How Healthy Living Builds a Stronger Mind-Body-Heart Link

Intuition is a fairly obtuse subject so instead I’ll focus on how healthy living develops the mind-body link by using a more down-to-earth example:

As a smoker and caffeine addict, I could go practically all day without eating and stay up until all hours of the night, even if logically I knew I should eat or go to bed. The substances masked the communication between my body and mind so I was able to mess around with my natural body rhythms.

In contrast, when I was at my peak physical health and because I had increased my metabolism to a point where if I didn’t eat every 2 hours, my body screamed at me! I would become irritable, had difficulty concentrating and would feel a bit shaky – with all these symptoms put together, I was feeling my blood sugar levels dropping! As soon as I ate something (and I always carried a healthy snack with me), I was right as rain once again.

And if you’re wondering about the quality of my sleep, living a healthy lifestyle improved it a great deal. I awoke at the same time every morning, slept deeply and went to bed when I was tired instead of using stimulants to fight my natural rhythms.

So living a healthy lifestyle helps develop your intuition. And in turn, having a clear connection to your intuition allows you to better know who you are and where you want to go (as we explained in A Little Known Weight-Loss Secret Part 1 and Part 2) so you can live a life you love!

Do you have a story where you followed your intuition (or decided not to)? How did it turn out?

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