Training Tips for Summer Sports

The sun is starting to shine stronger and longer! Spring is in the air (finally) and that means summer is just around the bend. If you love golfing, tennis or other summer sports, then keep reading to find out how to improve your game and prevent injuries.

Before reading any further, we highly suggest you reread Training Tips for Skiers (and other winter sports) for 10+ exercises to include in your workout. It’s important, even if you’re training for a specific sport, to work your entire body all year round. As you get stronger, increase the reps or weight to continually challenge yourself.


Training Tips for Summer Sports

As with many sports, you want to build up your knee stability, hip strength, shoulders, back and abdominal muscles. As personal trainers, we always promote good, strong posture as being essential for improved sport performance as well as everyday life!

Besides the exercises we list in Training Tips for Skiers, add a few more upper body exercises, such as back rowing, push ups and chin ups. Chest stretches also work the shoulders and upper back while at the same time relieving tight chest muscles.

Balance Out Your Body

We all have a dominant side, usually the right in most people but there are many lefties, too. The number one tip for improving your game and preventing injuries is to practice and train your opposing muscles (especially before or a few days after golfing).

For instance, if you’re a right-handed golfer, do some practice swings with your left using a golf club, stretching bands or dumbbells. The aim is to work those opposing muscles so you have more balance between your dominant and weak sides.

Strengthening your weaker side will guarantee improved performance while also helping you prevent injuries. While you play your game, your dominant side needs less attention in your workouts. 

Customize Your Equipment

Another very important training tip for summer sports, especially in terms of preventing injuries, is to buy the right equipment for you and tailor it according to your body. For golfers, you’ll want the right height for your clubs. For tennis players, you’ll want to get your grip tested on your racket.

Ready to dust off your bicycle and maintain it so you can ride like the wind? Besides lubing up the chain and adding air in your tires, make sure to adjust your seat and handles so you’re not too hunched over which will put a strain on all the muscle you use for posture.

Putting it altogether, continue with your full body workouts all year round. To improve your summer sport performance and prevent injuries, make sure you’re spending a little more time strengthening your weaker side to create more balance in your body. And finally, tailor your equipment for your body so you resist any unnecessary strains.

What’s your favourite summer sport and how do you train to improve your game?  

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