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What Should I Study to Become a Personal Trainer at G Force?

An excellent question for both potential clients and prospective personal trainers applying for a position at G Force. Keep reading to discover the personal training qualifications of every G Force personal trainer.

In our last post, Welcome to the Wild (Fit!) West, we revealed that the fitness industry in Canada is currently unregulated. Technically, anyone can call themselves a personal trainer without any formal certification or training to be a personal trainer. Even the personal training certification programs are unregulated, so if a personal trainer is “certified,” it could mean they took a weekend course to obtain that title.

To assist you in distinguishing between qualified and unqualified personal trainers, we shared the 3 fitness institutions offering certification programs generally accepted by industry leaders as the “go-to” accreditation programs. We also ended that article explaining that even with certification from a notable fitness institution, there are many other factors a *good* personal trainer needs to acquire through informal training, experience and continued education.

Understand What Your Potential Clients will look for in the *right* Personal Trainer

In order to determine what you need to study to become a personal trainer, you need to know what your potential clients will be asking you.

We suggest clients do their due diligence and interview potential personal trainers before hiring them with these 15 questions. Many of these questions revolve around overall qualifications. If you’re just starting out, it’ll be to your advantage to join an experienced personal training company which is willing to provide you guidance along your professional journey.

G Force Home Training is owned and operated by Gidon Gabbay, and so his entire company and fleet of personal trainers begins with his qualifications. He has devised a rigorous training program for personal trainers who join the team, and between their individual expertise, formal training and experience, G Force has the ability to pair the *right* personal trainer to nearly everyone with their unique needs for a health and fitness program.

Gidon’s Qualifications

  • Accredited as a High Performance Trainer by the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT) with continued education through their program for professional growth.
  • Performance Nutritionist and Rehab Specialist through Humber College.
  • Leadership Anatomy (Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology) through York University.
  • Fitness Instructor certification through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).
  • 19 years experience in Muay Thai kickboxing, meditative practice (including visualization techniques), exploring modern fitness methods and personal training. Some of Gidon’s clients include professional athletes and notable entertainers across North America.
  • Co-owner of Big Hit Kickboxing Studios with 3 locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

As a team, we have several female trainers with varied backgrounds in yoga, kickboxing and muay thai, and other sports-related experience. Many of our trainers have higher education in the field and are certified in a variety of health and wellness areas, including rehabilitation, nutrition and yoga, just to name a few.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Personal Trainer at G Force?

The most important requirement for a G Force trainer is having a passion for helping people reach their health goals. Followed closely with the desire to learn, reliability, a similar spiritual approach and values.

You must have a base of personal training credentials from one of the 3 industry-recognized organizations, certified in CPR as well as First Aid.

Before any G Force personal trainer works with any of our clients, they must go through minimum 30 hours (paid) of rigorous, unique training with our fitness manager and senior trainers. 

Here is some of what you can expect to learn in this training period:

  • Foundations with client-side physical and psychological limitations.
  • Motivational techniques to become a chameleon for clients in order to work around limitations and customize an effective approach for each individual client.
  • Foundations in martial arts, workout routines, stretching routines, meditation and visualization, functionality approach, anatomy and nervous system, nutrition and medical limitations (such as low or high blood pressure, heart trouble, etc).

As a team, we also hold regular strategic meetings as well as skill-development meetings to share our collective knowledge, expertise, continued education and experience in personal training. Our unique personal training methodology is constantly evolving as we improve and expand on it, and so ongoing job training is part of being on the G Force team.

We hope this fully answers your question, “What do I need to study to become a personal trainer at G Force Home Training?” And if you’re a potential client, we hope we have provided you with more information about our qualifications as a team so you can make an informed decision on hiring G Force. 

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