What?! Start Our New Year’s Resolutions Now?

Why would we consider jumping the gun this year by making the changes we want to make in our lives before the traditional January 1st date? Keep reading to find out and some great tips for success!

New Year Resolutions have been a long standing tradition, going back to 2000 BC (read the history here). Many of us look forward to a new beginning and are excited to make changes so we can create an even better year than last.

Beginning anytime now and leading up to the big day of January 1st, it usually comes up in conversation at some point. But what I’ve been hearing more over the past few years is, “Why have New Year’s Resolutions? You just make them and break them soon after.”

Maybe you’ve heard this before or even said it yourself. Why is this becoming a trend?

The Drawbacks to New Year’s Resolutions

Our company philosophy is “Train Your Mind to Train Your Body.” We believe that we can either psych ourselves up for success, or psych ourselves out of achieving it.

With such a big build up towards New Year’s Resolutions, we tend to imagine big. Sometimes we plan on making a bunch of changes on the magical date of January 1st. Expectations can become high and the more you talk about it, the greater the pressure builds to succeed.

When you wait for change, it can mess you up psychologically. The more time that passes between making a decision to change and taking action on it allows your fears and doubts to wriggle their sneaky way in and convince you that they have merit.

Actually, if you’ve set up unrealistic goals for yourself, your fears are probably well-founded – and not because you can’t do it, but you are unable to achieve the changes due to extenuating circumstances that prevent you from achieving them at this time.  

One of the benefits of working with a personal trainer is that they can help you determine realistic goals based on all the current facts. They can help you with creating a plan that will allow you to make changes, one at a time, so you can accomplish your milestones and goals at a semi-comfortable pace over a period of time.

With New Year’s Resolutions, most people set themselves up for a quick fix rather than long-term success through lifestyle changes. So why not start right now in making the changes you wish to for the new year?

Tips for Success in Making Changes NOW

  1. Be realistic and start slow to build up momentum. On Monday I started taking my vitamin supplements again  (including vitamin D for the lack of sunlight and vitamin B complex to combat stress – SO important at this time of year). I also began only 10 to 15 minutes of light yoga and core exercises in the morning to get the habit started. And walking outside when I can fit it into my schedule. For you, you might make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night or join a gym and schedule one session in per week.
  2. Hire a personal trainer. I’ve had a personal trainer a few times in the last few years when I could afford it and they have always helped me reach my health goals. They remind me of what I already know and teach me new information and methods. They help keep me motivated and accountable towards my intentions. They also help me adjust my attitude when it starts becoming stinky. As for convenience, G Force Training is above the rest – they bring the gym to you, either to your office or home, equipment in tow!
  3. Practice self-control and moderation. Many people will shirk the idea of starting their New Year’s Resolutions now because, “there are too many holiday parties with alcohol, food and treats,” or “there’s just too much to do during the holiday season, with decorating, shopping, parties and, of course, work.” To achieve your health goals, you don’t have to diet or go all hard-core with exercise. The idea is to practice moderation in everything: food, alcohol, treats, time, money, energy… Create some realistic boundaries for yourself and stick to them as best as you can. You’ll already be well on your way to achieving success rather than the pressure to succeed in the New Year.
  4. Eat well. You need energy and motivation to accomplish your goals. Exercise greatly helps in both these areas but if you haven’t the energy and motivation to exercise, then there’s an issue. Getting the right vitamins and minerals, in the right amount for you, can help give you the energy and motivation you need to start exercising and get the ball rolling. Choose whole foods for your main diet and treat yourself occasionally (maybe once a week) to processed food.
  5. Take supplements (if you believe in them). While many people choose nutritious food over nutritional supplements, I actually believe in both. I take supplements because I’m convinced our food supply hasn’t the same nutritional value as it did 50 years ago due to pollution, current government-regulated agricultural practices and degradation from transportation. If you take only one supplement, I highly suggest vitamin D at this time of year (read more on this in Goodbye Sun, Goodbye Motivation?).

We’ve covered some good reasons why many people fail at their New Year’s Resolutions and in turn why it’s a good idea to start your intended changes now. We also gave you 5 tips for success.

After reading today’s post, will you start your New Year’s Resolutions today? Do you have any opinions on New Year Resolutions or tips to share?

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