Why Pay Attention to Posture?

What happens when we neglect posture? Besides the possibility of developing a hunchback later in life, there are immediate concerns as well as long-term generational implications. Keep reading for reasons to include postural exercises to your routine!

Gidon and I had our monthly meeting to discuss blog topics. What he mentioned on this particular meeting intrigued me because he touched on a subject where I had currently been contemplating based on what I was observing on a day-to-day basis.

I love to people watch. What I see most often these days are people in a restaurant (for instance), all sitting at a table together, but instead of conversing with one another, they all have their heads bent over their cell phones or tablets. Envisioning the future, this is what I foresaw:


If I had to explain in text what this illustration meant, I would say that the more we, as a human species, spend on our electronic devices, the less time we spend on physical well-being, more on intellectual ability and less on social ability. Over generations, this could look a lot like the typical alien species we see in science fiction movies!

Eventually, this would appear as humans who have gigantic craniums to accommodate all the information we’re exposed to as well as the increased telepathy needed to communicate rather than using our “outdated” voice technology; and wasted bodies because we’re less mobile.

I’m not sure if this vision is correct, but what I do know is that Gidon, being a well-informed, well-educated personal trainer, believes that if we succumb to the postural effects of our technological society, we will be headed towards hunchback domination.

Check out some of our previous articles about the subject: How Modern Life Lead to Chronic Pain and Stronger for Life. In our next post, we will provide you several easy exercises you can use to improve your posture!

Do you have any postural exercises you’d like to share? 




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