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Workout Gear for Your Carry-On

Need a nifty packing list to help keep you in shape while travelling or on-the-go? Keep reading for some ideas! 

The most common reasons people give for falling out of their fitness routine is, “I went on vacation” and “My life is just too hectic, I have no time to fit exercise into my schedule.”

With a little ingenuity, planning and commitment, you CAN overcome these obstacles. For instance, you can cycle to work (read our last post where we share ideas in how to make cycling to work work for you.)

Another way to fit fitness into your schedule, whether it’s full and you’re always on-the-go or when you’re travelling, is to pack a carry-on bag with a few fitness products. If you’re prepared, then you’re more likely to take advantage of 20 minute windows of opportunity and use the equipment.

By the way, you can get away with packing even less than what we suggest below. Here are 2 sample workouts that require absolutely no equipment: Gidon’s Park Bench Workout and Hotel Room Workout.  

Packing List for On-The-Go Workouts

Success comes from having the discipline to do the things you know you should be doing, even when you don’t feel like doing them. Rory Vaden (source: CNN)

Do you agree with Rory? If you want to be successful, make it habit of doing things that most others won’t, including yourself!

To help you fit workouts in at the most inopportune times (like en-route home after work or travelling), here’s a suggested packing list of workout gear you can stuff in a carry-on bag:

The basics 

  • water & water bottle
  • small towel
  • fitness shoes & socks
  • resistance bands (2 types/sizes) – these guys are super lightweight and versatile.
  • skipping rope
  • workout clothes (optional)
  • music (optional)

If you’re on-the-go (options for when you want to change up your workout):

  • medicine ball – we use CoreFX medicine balls
  • small yoga mat – for ground work using body weight (core, chest, stretching)
  • light dumbbells

Travelling must:

  • small foam roller – to keep loose after sitting for hours (for more info on foam rolling, read this article by Jeff Kuhland on

Pack as little or as much as you want. A good rule of thumb is to plan ahead — find some workouts online or if you have a G Force personal trainer, they’d be happy to create a couple for you. Then pack according to the workouts you plan to do!

Stand out from the rest and do what most others are unwilling to do.  You got this! Have any suggestions to add to this packing list? 

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