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You Are What You Eat

This article is a great follow up to You Are What You Think. If you’re having a tough time sticking to the meal plan you and your personal fitness trainer decided on, then read this article. If you have to, read it over and over until you begin to make healthier food choices on a more consistent basis.

“Let thy food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates.

I read this quote in the examining room of my doctor’s office the other day. During a lull in my examination, I asked her to explain exactly what Hippocrates meant.

face-aging-softwareShe said, “You are literally what you eat. Every cell in your body has a life cycle, usually six to eight months depending on your activity level. New tissue is regenerated at the cellular level using the nutrients [life’s building blocks] in our food.”

So if you’re eating a lot of processed, junky food that lacks a lot of nutrition, your body will use whatever it can from the poor nutrients available to it. This ages you faster because the tissue your body creates is poor quality. Smokers and drinkers age themselves more quickly because the body strips itself of nutrients to process these substances.

Have you ever noticed that some 60-year-olds look like they’re 80? These are the folks who’ve been rough on their body. Then there are the 60-year-olds who look 40 – these folks are the ones who’ve eaten a `clean diet’ and taken care of their bodies for the majority of their lives.

Nature is our Fountain of Youth

All we have to do to grow ourselves a younger body and face is to cut out the man-made, processed foods packed with sugar, bad fats and chemicals. Get back to nature and choose more whole foods, like a wide variety of fruits and veggies. This is clean eating!

We highlight fruits and veggies because not only are they usually full of nutrients, but most of them are loaded with anti-oxidants which kill pollutants and free radicals (the byproduct of metabolism) that cause aging from the inside out.

And not all whole foods are created equal. Some are more nutrient-dense which provides the body an abundance of building blocks to create new tissue. Some foods are even called `super foods’ because of their extremely high nutrient levels.

Besides food, water is essential to providing hydration to our cells. When you’re hydrated, your skin glows because cells are functioning properly. Dehydrated skin looks coarse, dry and wrinkly. Dilute fruit juices for a double whammy of hydration AND anti-oxidants!

We challenge you to grow a younger bod! Just try eating clean (foods that have grown from the ground as well as unprocessed meats) for 6 to 8 months and see if you’re feeling and looking younger. Do some research into some of the most nutrient-dense foods and try ones you haven’t tried before!

Will you be creating a nutrition plan using the basics of this article? If you’re all gung-ho on this, we challenge you to also create a weekly fitness plan as well as a mental training program for yourself.

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