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Personal Fitness Trainer

9 Key Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer Before Hiring Them

A personal trainer can be a great asset to help you achieve your fitness goals. But how do you make that choice? There’s a lot more to it than picking the trainer who is the nearest or most affordable. Referrals are a good start, but you also need to ask them certain questions to decide […]

November , 2020

In-Home Workouts Without Equipment (Better Than At the Gym)

It can be hard to exercise when you’re not going to the gym. A lack of motivation and equipment, like treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights and ellipticals, are common reasons why getting off the couch and working out can become a burden. But exercising at home can be more rewarding than going to the gym. […]

May , 2020

What to Eat Before and After Your Workout

The food you eat before and after your workout affects how you feel and whether you’ll meet your fitness goals. After all, what you consume before exercising is your body’s fuel and helps determine your energy level and thus how you work out. When you’re done, refueling with certain food items helps rebuild muscles. That’s […]

May , 2020
Tips on Warm up Session

6 Great Warm-Up Exercises to Boost Your Workout

Whether you’re working out to drop weight or stay fit, warming up should be your first priority. Short on time? You may feel tempted to skip your warm-up. But doing so can land you in trouble. Warming up may feel unnecessary, but it’s an important part of your exercise routine, as skipping it can increase […]

April , 2020