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Your Guide to Holistic Fitness Training (Updated for 2021)

Have you been working out for months but not seeing the results you want? Are you looking for ways to put in extra effort to achieve your fitness and wellness goals and desired body shape? But finding the right personal trainer to design your workout plan and training five to six days a week isn’t [&he […]

October, 2021

7 Benefits of Physical Fitness for Teenagers

Regular exercise is important for teenagers as it can help them maintain their mental and physical health. Along with helping tone their body, it will also improve their skin, strengthen their muscles, and build their self-image. This is why teens should aim to get at least 60 minutes of moderate to high […]

September, 2021

5 Popular Fitness Myths Debunked

Ever seen someone doing something at the gym which is the exact opposite of how you were taught to do it? Chances are one of you is doing it wrong. There are a lot of myths floating around surrounding exercise, diet, and other health and fitness trends. To help you separate fitness facts from fiction, [& […]

September, 2021

7 Tips for New Moms to Safely Ease Into Their Fitness Routine

There are many things that new mothers have to do, from feeding their baby and changing their diapers to understanding what to do when their child starts crying. In the midst of this, thinking about losing the weight you naturally gained during pregnancy is far less important. It can become especially co […]

August, 2021