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5 Popular Fitness Myths Debunked

Ever seen someone doing something at the gym which is the exact opposite of how you were taught to do it? Chances are one of you is doing it wrong. There are a lot of myths floating around surrounding exercise, diet, and other health and fitness trends. To help you separate fitness facts from fiction, […]

September , 2021

7 Tips for New Moms to Safely Ease Into Their Fitness Routine

There are many things that new mothers have to do, from feeding their baby and changing their diapers to understanding what to do when their child starts crying. In the midst of this, thinking about losing the weight you naturally gained during pregnancy is far less important. It can become especially confusing when you are […]

August , 2021
Vegan Personal Trainers

Vegan Personal Trainers (Toronto): Senior Fitness Tips During COVID

You may have an aging loved one who is staying safe by being at home during COVID-19, but is it harming their overall health? Physical activity is known to lower the risks of developing a wide range of diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular issues. It can also improve how well our immune systems work, which […]

August , 2021

5 Signs You Have an Unhealthy Relationship with Exercise

The current war on obesity means we are bombarded with campaigns and advertisements proclaiming the health benefits of working out regularly. From the rising popularity of Fitbit to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, we are flooded with messages that regular physical activity is important. That has led many of us to develop a toxic relationship […]

June , 2021