Boxing and kickboxing

A workout like no other

Have fun while incorporating a bit of Western-style and Mauy Thai kickboxing into your customized G Force workout. Kickboxing stimulates and wakes up new muscle groups as they require total body movements, recruiting new sets of muscles and burning more calories than your old, tired cardio routine. Plus, practicing martial arts is a great way to work out aggression and frustration, making it a mental practice too!
Our in-home personal trainers will teach you how to throw punches, knee strikes, elbow strikes and kicks in a safe, motivating workout. Whether you are interested in learning proper martial arts technique or you are just in it for a great workout, kickboxing is an exciting and fun way to tone your body and your mind.

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Looking for a fitness program that’s a little different?

  • Martial Arts Techniques

    Learn how to perform effective kicks and punches safely

  • High Intensity Workout

    Push your body beyond what you thought was your limit

  • Full Body Targeting

    Utilize ignored muscles to create power you didn’t know you had

Break plateaus stay motivated!

Getting yourself to the gym can be an exercise in frustration, especially if you have reached a plateau and your numbers aren’t moving. After a while, it can be far too easy to create excuses and suddenly, you’re no longer having any momentum with your fitness journey.

At G Force, we recognize how easy it is to lose motivation. That’s are our boxing and kickboxing-inspired training is designed to push your through your low points. Our trainers will keep you on track through dynamic workouts that will have you breaking.

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