I was always fit. I owned an Eco-tour company in Mexico for 15 years, mountain bikes, horseback riding, hikes to water falls, snorkelling. I started to put on weight due to fatigue when I returned to Canada in late 2012. I assumed my fatigue was due to the change in climate and diet and lifestyle but I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in January 2014.

I had a mastectomy in March, 18 weeks of heavy duty chemo, 5 weeks of radiation and then a second mastectomy in November 2014. I kept working and I tried to keep active but I didn't have the energy. By February 2015 I had gained over 70 lbs, I hurt all over, I couldn't squat down to get something out of a lower kitchen cupboard and I didn't know the woman I saw in the mirror. All I knew was she wasn't me. I knew I needed to get back to me and I knew I couldn't do it on my own - not without hurting myself. My body had been cut, radiated and dosed with chemicals and steroids. I was a mess.

I contacted three in home trainers. When met Gidon I liked the holistic approach to fitness he described, the workout philosophy at G Force seemed an excellent fit for my challenges so I signed up that night. Gidon assigned Angela to me as my personal trainer and she has been a god send.

Angela has pushed me when I needed to be pushed and been understanding when I laid down on the floor and cried. She has modified my workouts to what I could manage while I went through breast reconstruction which involved surgery to install expanders in my chest, 5 months of chest expansion which was terribly painful each time they added more liquid to the expanders and lastly the final surgery to install my silicon implants.

Each new medical procedure set me back in my workouts and Angela was there to encourage me when I got discouraged. She's been my rock. I've lost over 60 lbs of fat and gone from size 14 to 4 in pants. I am back into clothing I hadn't worn in 10 years, and even more importantly I feel strong and healthy again. I can run up hills and stairs, I do 60 minute sessions hard out with high resistance on the elliptical machine, I have all of my core balance back when I ride my horses, and I have full range of movement and feeling in my arm and chest on my right side, even though I had severe damage to that area when the surgeon removed 24 lymph nodes.

We're not done yet, I still want to tighten and tone some more, and take off another 10 or 15 lbs but we've come a long way in less than a year and a half. I'm fit and healthy again and it feels great.

It's been a lot of hard work and I've certainly felt the pain of developing and toning my muscles but it's also been fun. And, very importantly because Angela understands physiology so well, even though I was so very damaged when I started working out with her, I didn't sustain any injuries at all in the process of becoming fit again.

Thank you G Force and Angela for giving me "me" back.



I hated working out. I still do, but somehow Gidon and his G Force team's personal touch distracted me from the chore of huffing and puffing and made 'training my mind to train my body' an enjoyable thing!



I love how the team keeps me physically and mentally active. They motivate me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I Love these guys my search for a great personal trainer is over.



I've tried a number of training programs over the years but none really catered to my lifestyle until I tried G Force Home Training. In the past, I could always make up an excuse to not go to the gym, but when your trainer is coming to your house, the excuses goes away. I lost 10lb in 16 sessions of Muay Thai and the workouts were very challenging but fun. I've never sweat so much. By the 16th session I was skipping rope for 5 straight mins, doing knuckle pushups, burpees, sprints, and starting to seeing my abs for the first time in years. G Force exceeded my hopes and has put me into a very healthy and confident state today. Great sessions and amazing trainers.