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How to Make Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution Stick

Is getting in shape your New Year’s resolution for 2020? You’re not alone.

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, one in three Canadians said they would choose to improve their personal fitness and nutrition as their potential New Year resolution. Interestingly, Google Trends shows that searches for topics related to gyms and weight loss spike right around January every year.

But once the excitement of the new year is over, not everyone will stick to their resolution and achieve their fitness goals. Instead, many of us will return to bad eating and exercise habits. Break the cycle this year by sticking to your fitness resolution.

How? Try the following tips.

8 Promising Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Are you serious about getting fit? Then here are some tips to keep you on track.

1) Take One Step at a Time

A major reason why fitness resolutions don’t last is that people set unrealistic workout schedules. Starting small will give you a greater chance of success and motivate you to push your limits. If not three, aim for two workouts a week. Instead of quitting all unhealthy treats, limit them to one or two days. Once you complete these smaller steps, they will become a part of your routine and help you set new goals.

2) Create a Plan

No fitness objective can be achieved without a plan. Outline everything, including which days of the week are convenient for you to exercise and which will be your cheat days. Then, assign what type of exercise you will do on what day. For example, Monday you may cycle; Wednesday, weightlift; and Friday, run.

3) Find an Exercise Buddy

All the motivation that comes with the start of a new year can disappear quickly. That’s why it’s a smart move to anticipate and prepare for this. When motivation wanes, a reliable exercise buddy can keep you on track. Find someone who has also resolved to start working out in the new year and start your fitness journey together. If you can’t find an exercise partner, hire a personal fitness trainer to design your workout routine and guide you through your fitness journey.

Training with a Personal Trainer

4) Make It Enjoyable

To make a long-term change, fun is essential. If you don’t enjoy something, you can’t force yourself to do it for long. So, try to spice up your workout with something you like. For example, listen to your favourite music or podcast while exercising or pick up a sport you used to enjoy as a kid. These changes will make your physical activity more enjoyable and help you maintain it.

5) Reward Yourself

If you work hard, you deserve a reward. Once you’ve completed a short-term goal, celebrate your success by treating yourself to something you love. That doesn’t mean eating a box of chocolates. Reward yourself with something that doesn’t contradict your resolution, like going to a movie with a friend, buying new fitness clothes or taking a short trip.

6) Keep Trying

Your New Year’s resolution is a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. That’s why you should keep trying. Accept the fact that you’re going to have ups and downs and you can’t be perfect as you strive to attain your fitness goals. Don’t get disappointed or feel guilty when you miss a workout or it will derail you for the rest of the year. The important thing is to get moving and focus on your objective.

7) Measure Your Progress

Measuring your progress determines whether you’re on track. It helps you ascertain how much exercise you’re currently getting and how much more you need. Whether that’s the kilometres you jog, the number of steps you take or the amount of time you spend in a gym, measurements help you figure out what you’re doing and how fruitful your efforts have been.

8) Change Your Workouts

Monotony can distract you from your resolution. Doing the same workout will not only bore you but keep you from progressing. Every workout should be a challenge, and as you get fit, the exercises should get tougher. Make sure you change up your workouts every four to six weeks and add variety to your routine so you stick to your New Year’s fitness goals.

It’s easy to make a fitness resolution on New Year’s Eve, but sticking to it is the challenge. That’s why it’s important that you keep yourself motivated to achieve the desired results. If you’ve made a resolution to lose weight, get in shape or dedicate some time each day to exercise, put it into practice with the tips mentioned here. If you need help, give us a call to hire a personal trainer who will teach you how to be self-sufficient with your fitness journey.