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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Training

Whether you’ve just started your fitness journey or have been pursuing it for years, it’s normal to have questions. Here are some of the most common ones answered.

All You Need to Know about In-Home Fitness Training 

1. How many days a week should I work out?

This depends on your health and fitness goals. On average it’s recommended that you commit to exercising at least three days a week to see the results you want. Anything less and you’ll likely feel like you’re starting all over every time you do exercise.
Healthy adults should perform 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio, or a combination of both kinds of workouts weekly. Flexibility and resistance training at least twice a week is also recommended.
There are no hard and fast rules. You can choose to break the recommended workout times into smaller sessions, as long as you’re getting the same amount of exercise.

2. Why should I hire a personal trainer?

A personal trainer inspires and motivates you to achieve your fitness and health goals by keeping you focused. In-home personal training can help you improve your lifestyle as the trainer will advise, educate and encourage you to work out in the safest, most beneficial manner. They understand that everyone has different goals, so they treat each client as an individual. Additionally, depending on the trainer, you can work out outdoors, at the gym, in your home, or even while you travel. They will help you check on the different components of your fitness plan, such as improving your cardiovascular health and gaining strength and flexibility, all while helping you maintain your diet.

3. How do I know how much weight I should be lifting?

Remember, repetition is key. Generally, our trainers recommend 10-12 reps for every muscle group they want to focus on, with the weight changing based on your fitness level. However, it’s vital to pay attention to the final repetition as it’s often the most difficult to complete. For instance, if the twelfth repetition is too difficult to perform, consider decreasing the weight; if you can do it easily, increase it. It’s important to do strength training exercises at least two to three times every week.

4. Will my personal trainer help with nutrition?

A personal trainer can offer advice, support, guidance and accountability regarding nutrition during your training sessions. They will guide you towards choosing better meal and snack options while keeping you accountable, but this may not involve a structured diet plan. Instead, your trainer will likely offer recommendations based on your fitness goals and lifestyle.

5. Can a personal trainer build a plan for me if I have an injury?

Of course. Many of us suffer injuries that restrict our movements or the type of exercises we can perform. Our trainers are mindful of this and will recommend movements and exercises that are not only suitable but beneficial. They can create a custom fitness workout plan that accounts for any injury.

6. What should I eat before and after a workout?

It’s important to have the energy to perform during workouts. You also need to time the meal properly so you don’t feel too bloated or stuffed to be able to work out effectively.
If you have time before your session, a balanced meal is the best option. If you’re pressed for time, a banana with peanut butter will give you enough energy. It’s also necessary to eat post-workout to replenish your muscles and regain lost energy.

7. How many calories do I have to burn to lose one pound of fat?

It typically takes 3,500 calories to either loss or gain a pound of fat. So, to lose a pound every week, you need to decrease your calorie consumption by 500 per day. This is achievable by cutting 250 calories out of your diet and burning another 250 through daily activity.
Remember, small changes can make a huge difference to your weight loss goals, and doing something is always better than doing absolutely nothing. If you’re ready to make a change, contact us for a free consultation with our in-home personal trainers.